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Basic Restoration Service

  • Dissemble switch, clean all parts, beadblast all contacts & set screws.

  • Rechrome outside bead of bezel.

  • Repaint bezel background in correct gloss color.

  • Silkscreen the correct lettering on the bezel as original.

  • Buff handle to remove oxidation & polish key tumbler.

  • Lubricate internal parts, assemble, test all functions, & solder nut on stud.


Original MMM

  • ROTAX PLC switch with stamped lettering filled with white ink, & a "spade" type key. Background color: J, F, & L Type = black, N & P Type = dark brown

  • Price to restore $200

Modified MMM

  • Convert your incorrect 4 position replacement switch to a ROTAX PLC type switch with a standard key & tumbler setup. Background color: J,F, & L Type = black, N & P Type = dark brown.

  • Price to convert & restore $180


  • Lucas PLC switch with stamped lettering filled in with white ink, background color is black.

  • Price to restore $160

Original TC - TD - YT

  • Lucas PLC switch with silkscreencd lettering printed with white ink, background 

  • color is black.

  • Price to restore $140

Incorrect Replacement

  • Lucas PLC switch with a small window in the bezel & part of the printing is on a white plastic disk. I can convert this replacement switch to original TC - TD including a correctly reproduced black plastic handle.

  • Price to convert is $160.00 


  • Please send all keys so that 

  • I can check for proper function. If you need keys or want spares, I can supply new keys cut on English key blanks:

    • MRN & FA Series - $17.00

    • FS, FP Series - $10.00

Wire Clip

Secures the PLC switch in the instrument panel and supply an original or a replacement - $7.00

Supply PLC Switches

  • I can supply for purchase, original restored PLC switches including 2 keys & wire clip ROTEX gets I spade key: 

    • Original ROTEX F, J, K, L, P Type - $305

    • Modified ROTEX F, J, K, L, P Type - $230

    • TA - TB $225

    • TC - TD $205

Original Rotex J & P Type.png

Original Rotax "J" & "P" Type

Original TA-TB_edited.png

Original TA - TB

Incorrect Replacement.png

Incorrect Replacement

Modified Rotax.png

Modified Rotax "J" & "P" Type

Original TC-TD.png

Original TC - TD

Wire Clip.png

Wire Clip

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