Ignition Headlamp Switches


Original Rotax

"J" & "P" Type

Original TC - TD

Modified Rotax

"J" & "P" Type



Original TA - TB

Wire Clip

Basic Restoration Services

1) Dissemble switch, clean all parts, bead blast all contacts and set screws. 

2) Rechrome outside bead of bezel .

3) Repaint bezel background in correct gloss color.

4) Silkscreen the correct lettering on the bezel as original. 

5) Buff handle to remove oxidation and polish key tumbler.

6) Lubricate internal parts, assemble, test all functions, and solder nut on stud. 


Original MMM — ROTAX PLC switch with stamped lettering filled with white ink, and a "spade" type key.  Background color: J, F, & L Type = black, N & P Type = dark brown. Price to restore - $200

Modified MMM — Convert your incorrect four position replacement switch to a ROTAX PLC type switch with a standard key and tumbler setup. Background color: J,F, & L Type = black  |  N & P Type = dark brown. Price to convert and restore - $180

TA-TB — Lucas PLC switch with stamped lettering printed with white ink, background color is black. Price to convert & restore - $160

Original TC-TD-Y—Lucas PLC switch with silkscreened lettering printed with white ink, background color is black. Price to convert & restore - $140

Incorrect Replacement — Lucas PLC switch with a small window in the belle and part of the printing is on a white plastic disk. I can convert this replacement switch to original TC-TD including a correctly reproduced black plastic handle. Price to convert & restore - $160


Please send all key so that I can check for proper function. If you need keys or want spares, I can supply new keys cut on English key blanks:

  • MRN & FA series - $17

  • FS, FP series - $10

Wire Clip

Secures the PLC switch in the instrument panel. Supply an original or a replacement. - $7

Supply PLC Switches

I can supply for purchase, original restored PLC switches including two keys and wire clip (ROTEX gets one spade key):

  • Original ROTEX F, J, K, L, P type - $305

  • Modified ROTEX F, J, K, L, P type - $230

  • TA-TB - $225

  • TC-TD - $205



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