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MG Facia Panels

"N" Series     "P" Series     "T" Series      YT


General Information

All of our panels are made up as original using first line veneers for best grain patterns & gluing them on the correct thickness of Baltic birch plywood. 

Veneers available:

  • Cathedral or flat cut walnut

  • curly walnut

  • figured walnut

  • burl walnut

  • rosewood

  • mahogany

The panels are cut to shape, holes drilled, & routings are made as original. 

The panels are finished on both sides using high gloss Polyester, the best finish available for dashboard application. 

If you order a TD panel I need to know:

  • whether the car is right hand drive or left hand drive 

  • your chassis number is:

    • 0251 through 10751 = chronometric or flat faced instruments = early 

    • 10752 through 29915 = magnetic or dished face instruments = Iate

Non original holes can be cut & back routed for lights for special gauges. 

Screws for Attaching

  • The NA, PA, PB, TA, TB, & early TCs originally used a 1-1/4" long, #8, slotted, chromed oval head wood screw with no finish washer. 

  • The later TCs (fabric covered) & YTs used a 1-1/4" long, #10, slotted, chromed oval head wood screw with a #JO finish washer. 

  • The TDs used a 1-1 /4" long,# l 0, Phillips, chromed oval head wood screw with a #10 finish washer.

  • We supply a special cone washer with no lip for all of our veneer panels to keep the screw head from damaging the finish & veneer. 

  • Supply the correct screw & washer set - $6.00

Outside Chrome Edge Trim

  • Supply & install as original the correct chrome plated brass trim: 

    • NA, NB, PA, PB - $178 

    • TA, TB, TC, YT - $153 

  • Supply & install as original the correct chrome plated brass trim for the TD which also includes fitting, hinging, and trimming out the glove box door - $333 

  • Supply repro chrome hinges, plastic octagon pull & bullet catch for TD - $20 

  • Chrome plating and repining of your original TD glove box door hinges  - $80 

Fabric Covered Facia Panels

  • We can attach the fabric from your interior kit to a Baltic birch facia panel blank (no veneer) and press it in our laminating press for better bonding - $70.00 

MG Facia Panels

MG-NA bookmatch burl redwood [sequoia) veneer - $400

MG-NB bookmatch burl walnut veneer - $410

MG-PA bookmatch burl redwood [sequoia] veneer - $345

MG-PB bookmatch burl walnut veneer - $345

TA-TB Tickford bookmatch or one piece walnut veneer - $345

TA-TB-TC-YTbookmatch or one piece walnut veneer - $325

TD bookmatch or one piece walnut veneer - $340

TD-RHD bookmatch or one piece walnut veneer - $350

TC-YT plywood blank -no veneer -to be fabric covered - $50

TD-LHD plywood blank -no veneer -to be fabric covered - $70

TD-RHO plywood blank -no veneer -to be fabric covered - $80

Additional Dashboard Services

Prices to Restore Original

Pull Cables - $85

"Twist" type panel switches - $50

"Push-Pull" type panel switches - $65

Warning lamps - $45

Fuel warning lamp -TC - $50 

Rheostat switch -TD - $55

Instrument lamp bracket - $3 

Instrument bulb holder - $3

Inspection lamp plug sockets - $40


  • If you are missing any of the above, we can supply original restored or new reproductions.

  • We can also supply new dashboard wiring harnesses.


We offer an "In House Restoration" service of the instruments. All parts are cleaned, 

repairs made, new faces supplied, & the chrome bezel replated.

  • Spedometer- $210

  • Tachometer- $190

  • Clock - $25

  • Ammeter- $75

  • Oil Pressure- $75

  • Dual Gauge [oil pressure & water temperature)- $80

Dashboard Parts to Purchase 

We are always looking to purchase new or used dashboard parts no matter what the condition. If its part of the dashboard we are interested. Send along your extra bits & we will make you an offer. 

What to do 

If you are not sure what you have or what needs to be done, send us what you have & we will sort it all out. We will then contact you by phone with needs & cost. 

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